Rose Gold Box

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Our Morrocan Pure Argan Oil is 100% natural sourced from Morocco, has a nutty flavor, and does not contain any additives or artificial fragrance. It is easy to fall in love with Rose quartz’s beauty benefits, and indeed, love is its primary association. Like many other quartz stones, there is a belief that they can diminish negative energy. It is said to attract love, ease relationships, and even have aphrodisiac qualities.

Our Rose Quartz Facial Roller is made of 100% natural crystal that is known as a “love stone” to promote a sense of warmth and compassion, self-love, and peace as well as easing tension and ward off negative emotions.

The Rose gold jewelry dish creates a sophisticated and glamourous home accent. With its warm rose gold interior, this jewelry dish is a beautiful way to keep your favorite jewelry close at hand.

Sweet Ostrich is a sinking imaginative scented candle where pears meet rosemary in perfect and enjoyable harmony. Aromatic meets fruity. A winning combination by us. Candle cup in beautiful pink pastel packed in a luxurious box with hints of pink and gold plating. A box you want to save after removing the light. The perfect everyday luxury for yourself or the gift of your best friend/partner.


  • 100% pure argan oil
  • Rose quartz facial roller
  • Rose gold jewelry dish
  • Sweet ostrish candle..
gold a deep yellow color More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)