Best Combo Moroccan Black Soap + Exfoliating kessa Glove

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Yaqoot Naturals, Moroccan Black soap with Eucalyptus and Argan Oil plus Exfoliating Kessa Glove.

Best combo for perfect Moroccan Hammam Experience at Home :

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

• Step 1: Before entering the shower run it very hot to allow steam to rise and fill the shower. steam yourself for 5 to 10 minutes so your skin is warm and softened allowing your pores to open.

• Step 2: Turn the water off and cover your body with Yaqoot Black soap  in small circular movements, working it into a slight lather and allow it to penetrate skin for 3 to 10 minutes, You can multi-task by applying a hair mask and/or a face mask while you wait for this all natural soap to penetrate.

• Step 3: Finally, arm yourself with an exfoliating kessa Glove and scrub heavily in a circular motion. You may see dead skin rolling off.

• Step 4: Rinse well, massaging all the soap and dead skin cells off your body.

• Step 5: After drying, hydrate your body with a luxurious natural Argan Oil 

• Step 6: Finally, continue that feeling of relaxation and sip on a hot glass of mint tea to hydrate.